Wilfredo Rosado
The WILFREDO ROSADO fine jewelry collection has redefined the terms of luxury, blowing the dust off fine jewelry and creating keepsake pieces for a new generation. Handcrafted in Paris and Italy, this American luxury brand weds couture-level workmanship and design with a subversive spin on the fine jewelry tradition. Furthering the attention to luxury and detail, Rosado evolves his collection each season integrating exclusive designs with legendary couture atelier Maison Lemarie. This includes a move towards feminism through precision cut leather flowers set upon white diamonds in a matching motif.

Every piece in the WILFREDO ROSADO collection bears his distinctive stamp of transforming street style into high fashion of consummate refinement. Rosado has been a name-to-know in the fashion industry for more than twenty years. Now with the debut of his third collection, Rosado emerges as an icon of modern fine jewelry. With celebrity clients including Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Olivia Wilde, Wilfredo Rosado caters to the most discerning eyes who frequently appear on international best- dressed lists.

Mentored by Giorgio Armani and a protege of Andy Warhol, Rosado has demonstrated time and again his feel for the now and nose for the next. He first encountered Giorgio Armani back when he was a student at New York University, working at Parachute, and flying through Manhattan’s legendary club scene. Recognizing his raw talent, Armani immediately deposited him at the first U.S. Armani store on Madison Avenue. Not long after, Warhol snapped him up, giving Rosado a position at Interview Magazine. When he wasn’t shooting with photographers such as Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber, Rosado steeped himself in the street-inspired art scene spearheaded by Keith Haring and Jean- Michel Basquiat. It was a graduate school in glamour and grit, and Rosado put his education to good use when he returned to Armani in 1989, joining Mr. Armani’s design team in Italy. Armani trusted Rosado with his image, no small feat...and when he returned to New York City in 1994, as Fashion Director, Rosado became Mr. Armani’s virtual eyes and ears in the U.S. “When I got back to the States, I wanted to reach out to a younger generation,” Rosado says. “I wanted to bring that urban voice to the brand, add a little street to the sophistication and elegance.”

After leaving Armani to pursue independent projects in 2007, Rosado has worked with luxury brands including Versace, with whom he collaborated on a limited edition of fine jewelry pieces co-created by artists including Julian Schnabel and Marc Quinn and sold to benefit the Whitney Museum. These experiences led Rosado to pursue a life-long dream: establish a fine jewelry line. “There’s something very appealing to me about taking something precious, like diamonds, and creating something sexy and streetwise and different.”